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Quizalize Premium Prizes

Reward your teachers with a one year licence to Quizalize Premium as prizes in your training sessions:

25 licenses

10% discount

$64.80 per license

50 licenses

15% discount

$61.20 per license

100 licenses

25% discount

$54.00 per license

Enhance your Professional Development Sessions with our AI experts

Hands on learning session with Quizalize CEO and PHD in AI from Oxford University, Charles Wiles. Discussing AI in the classroom. Delivered online for up to 20 teachers

Quizalize Basics

Our popular introductory session that teaches the core basics of getting the most out of Quizalize.

  • Signing up and creating classes
  • Creating quizzes
  • Assigning quizzes to classes
  • Introduction to game modes
  • Google Classroom integration

60 mins

Quizalize AI Advanced

Saving time with Quizalize's advanced AI features. Delivered by Dr Charles Wiles - PhD in AI, CEO and Cofounder of Quizalize.

  • Introduction to AI
  • AI and safety in the classroom
  • Using AI quiz creation features
  • Using AI student feedback features
  • Other upcoming AI features.

60 mins

AI in the classroom

Let us talk through how AI would fit your own school

  • Introduction to AI
  • ChatGPT deep dive for teachers
  • Hands on with other AI tools
  • Intro to Quizalize AI features

60 mins

Quizalize Games

Learn how to use Blockerzz, Hoopzz, Goalzz advanced team features to maximise student engagement and improve learning outcomes.

  • Overview of all 8 classroom games
  • Hoopzz Solo
  • Blockerzz
  • Hoopzz
  • Goalzz
  • Battlerzz

60 mins

Gamification in the classroom

A hands on session exploring Quizalize, Blooket, Gimkit and more. Help your teachers understand the pros and cons of each platform and how to get the most out of each.

  • Intro to popular gamification apps
  • Hands on with Blooket
  • Hands on with Gimkit
  • Hands on with Quizalize

60 mins


Would you like us to deliver a bespoke session customised to your needs? Just let us know what you would like and we'd be happy to help!


60 mins

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Dr. Charles Wiles

Dr. Charles Wiles

A Cambridge First in Engineering, Oxford PhD in AI & MBA from London Business School, Charles was the first Google Product Manager outside the US.

Matthew Jordan

Matthew Jordan

Experienced global leader of Edtech sales teams. Most recently UK MD of Europe's largest Learning Management System, ItsLearning.